My friend, Art, who’s a design engineer took offense when he saw this photo of the Pony.


He sent an email (he’s up North this time of year) saying that the white draw string on the Pony’s new seat bothered him.  Picky, picky, picky.  Well, the Pony doesn’t want to offend anyone, and as it turns out I’ve been able to make everyone happy, even Art.  I bought a new pair of athletic shoes recently, and you know how flashy they’ve gotten in the last couple of years.  The pair I got came with two pair of laces, one white and guess what the other color was?  Yeah,  Red!

Of course nothing having to do with the Pony goes smoothly, and even this little job was no exception.  In order to snake the new lace through the hem of the seat cushion, I taped the new lace to the old and started feeding it through.  Uh oh, did my heart sink when about a third of the way around, the two laces separated.  I spent the next 24 hours, off and on, ooching the new lace the rest of the way around about an eighth of an inch at a time.  My poor arthritic fingers were pretty sore by the time I finally got it all the way around.  Then I thought, you know what would really make for a clean look would be to buy one of those little lace-locks that the shoe store sells, so I don’t have an ugly bow in the back.  I just picked-up the lace lock, and so this is how the finished job looks.



A number of major milestones were reached this week.
1.  In a lunch sandwich, I finished the last of our Easter ham.  As I recall, it was a nine-pounder, smallest we could buy and still get “the good deal.”
2.  Thanks to eBay, I finally sold that lousy Allis Chalmers draw bar I bought thinking it would fit the Pony.  So, the Cost-O-Meter is off the hook for that one.
3.  We “maxed-out” our credit card for the first time.  Trouble was, we didn’t make most of the purchases.  But I’ll tell you what, a London Apple store made out big time with almost $10,000 spent there alone. (1)
4.  Hit 3000 mi on the bike today, so champagne at happy hour.  Woo hooo!
5.  Damn, I forgot the fifth thing.

Moving on.  Remember how five years ago I was celebrating the end of the donut famine in Chapel Hill?  A Krispy Kreme shop had opened up in downtown Chapel Hill.  It got to be a nice little habit for me.  First thing in the morning I’d hop on the bus a block from here and at the last stop on campus, get off and walk first to the Starbucks for a Brucio and then down the street for box of donuts.  I’d then hustle back to the bus stop and with luck I’d be back home in about 50 minutes.  It was fun too, since that was a campus express bus, it would usually be just be the driver and me on the way back.  I’d offer a donut, and more often than not I’d be taken up on that.  Well, sad to say, but when I last did the little bus ride into town I got to the donut shop, and there was brown paper covering the windows.  Come on!  I alone had to have been supporting that place.  They must have been making tons of money.  I don’t know, I’m feeling betrayed…lost, and hey, what will I use for a source of vitamin D?

The footnote at the end of the post makes a password suggestion, but that got me to thinking about how absolutely nuts the whole password thing has gotten.  I’ve got so many passwords that I have to keep a typed list of them just to keep track (three, single-spaced, typed pages).  I’m not exaggerating.  Since it’s a list I did on the computer, I’ve had to encrypt it, so it’s got its own unique password.  But in case I forget that password I’ve had to put it on a “Post It” note and hide it somewhere.  And do you think I’ll remember where its hidden if I ever need it?  Hell no.  And where do I keep the hard copy list, so that the next house invader can’t just grab the lap top and the list and have a ball?  Someone I know (who shall remain nameless) had all the passwords in a folder nicely labeled “Passwords.”  Oh, thank you, how sweet!  There are a lot of neat things about the modern computer age, but they come with a price.  Think of me as I go about resetting a bunch of my passwords and informing a slew of creditors of my new credit card information.  But crap, first I have to find that “password list” password!

Let me know how you all relabel those folders, and hey, thanks for reading!

(1)  The credit card company said that someone had called them (somehow making it look like the call came from my phone) and given enough valid information, so that they honored a request to send a new card to an address in Tennessee.  I was told that this would not have been possible if my card had required a password whenever there was a call-in for service on the card.  So, long and short of it is, sorry to say, make sure you have a password requirement on your card.  By the way, the same party then called them a few days later to say that they’d be traveling in the UK, thereby smoothing the way for some happy spending in London.


One response to “Passwords

  1. Bruce,
    The Pony likes the new seat cord. It has a “Ponytail.”

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