Bruces, The World is Crawling With Them!

Goodness, where to start.  There’s a Calvin and Hobbs book entitled “The Days are Just Packed,” and that’s how I feel about the last two weeks.  Now as I sit here nursing a “man cold” (like a woman’s only with more whining), it all seems a blur.  Of course, knowing my readers as I do, you’re really only interested in the Pony, the weird and the funny, so I’ll try to stick to those.  First, the Pony.  Son Andy came down with us on the train from NYC to fish, relax, and naturally, spend some quality time with the Pony.  Here’s the proof of the Pony part.

Hey Bill, recognize the t-shirt.  Andy borrowed my commemorative t-shirt marking the 50th anniversary of Bill’s “Detroiter” truck stop.  Perfect for Pony driving!  The Pony is now asking where the “hot rod” driver is.  Andy actually “burned rubber” in the driveway when he “popped” the clutch.  Note to Gene and Lynne:  September is return to Wolf’s Pond month for the Pony.  Is the Pony’s space still free?

Moving on, or I should say moving back, let’s talk about the NYC/Philly trip.  First, what’s happened to the traditional roles of Life Savers candy.  I wanted a role while in New York (I think early stages of my cold had already begun), but neither of the drug stores I tried had them.  They only had bags of loose ones back in the candy isle.  The youngsters at the cash registers looked at me like I was nuts when I asked where the roles of Life Savers were.  I do note that you can buy them at Amazon, so they are still out there.  But you know, changes like this make me feel like the world is leaving me behind, dammit.  Bill, can a person still buy a role at the Detroiter?

Now for the section called “Weird stuff you could only find in NYC.”  The first thing you need to get your mind around is that there 8.5 million people living there.  Add to that let’s say about half a million visitors at any given time.  That’s probably enough people, so that you can set-up just about any kind of retail shop and find a customer base.  Think of it, if one in a thousand people come into your shop, that’s 9000 people.  So, you get things like Potatopia, yup a shop where all you can buy are baked, smashed or fried potatoes.  But wait it gets better, how about Oatmeals, a shop that, you guessed it, only sells prepared oatmeals (32 kinds).  There’s one with shaved Parmesan cheese, another “pomegranite/pistacio,” and how about the “Elvis” which includes peanut butter, banana, bacon, honey and sea salt.  Then one night Andy and I were walking along Spring street and spotted Rice to Riches.  It was after 9:00 pm, the place was crawling with customers, so I had to check it out.  Turns out all they sell there is rice pudding, but in dozens of different ways.  A few of them:  “Sex, drugs and Rocky Road,” “Oreogasm,” and “Almond Shmalmond!”  Of course later, after dinner we went to a specialty shop that wasn’t weird at all and where the customer base goes up considerably, The Little Cupcake Shop.  Fabulous!

Another strange thing we saw during our trip was in Greenwich, CT, not NYC.  Remember that post where I included a photo of my inititials in a big banner over an art museum?  Here’s the photo to refresh your memory.

Version 2

Well, check this out.


A nice fellow took that photo of the “fam” in front of my museum.  No, there are not wax images of guys named Bruce in there.  It’s a small, but classy museum ordinarily dedicated to science and specifically targeted at children.  While we were in town, however, there was an exhibit there of the art of Hans Hofmann.  I’ll just include one photo here of a couple of Hofmann paintings that were among my favorites.

Version 2Photo credit:  Andrew Boehmke, 2015

Note how the artist has appropriately and effectively employed Massey Harris Red and Straw Yellow paint hues in these pieces. (1)    That Hofmann is a genius!  So, my museum (which I could not resist), great art (which we all love) and a train ride to get there (for Andy and me), how could we resist.  It was a perfect day, the museum, followed by lunch in Greenwich, and since we came back into Grand Central Station on the return, we enjoyed happy hour at Cipriani’s, home of the best martini in the world, and as a bonus, a view down on the cavernous station with its hubbub of people rushing to and from their trains.  But if you go, be careful; one of those martinis is great, more than one, suicide!

Next up, another chapter in Guys that look like Bruce.  Remember this one?

Bruce's twin revised

He was spotted by the Idiotic brother in a California Taco Bell.  Some resemblance I’ll admit, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in “camo” shorts.  Now in the last two weeks there have been a couple of more sitings.  First, friend and occasional blog reader, Mary Pat, sent this one.


The image was in a hiking magazine.  I guess there’s a resemblance, but come on MP, that gnome is as old as Methuselah.  Look, for god’s sake, he needs a stick to hold him up!  Do I look that crotchety?  Then cousin Bill was reading some other dude’s blog (pretty disloyal, Bill) and found what he felt was yet another look-alike.  I couldn’t snag the photo off this other site, so you’ll have to click on the link that follows:  LINK

I guess since you’re back with me, you remembered to hit your browser’s back button, congrats!  That guy is the best match for me yet, and that’s probably because he’s half my age and I’m so “well preserved.”  But hoooeee, this fellow is the son of an Israeli goat farmer and cheese maker.  I love goat cheese!  And thanks, Bill, for not saying that I look like his father.

From me (and all the other Bruces), thanks for reading.

(1) All States Ag Parts catalog numbers 108368 and 108372 respectively.


2 responses to “Bruces, The World is Crawling With Them!

  1. Once again, your blog made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that! You and the family are looking great!

  2. Hey Dad! Not sure who I miss more – you and Mom or the Pony. Just kidding. Although letting me drive her around the neighborhood definitely creates an extra incentive for more frequent visits. And now that I’ve found the sweet spot on that clutch ….look out Carrboro!

    By the way, your readers may be interested to know that makes for excellent reading at 36000 feet.

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