Lost and Found, Raining Squirrels and Sexy Tractor Parts

It’s apple pie season, and I’ve baked 3 (possibly 4) pies so far.  I keep searching for the perfect apple or apples.  After the baking, I slice the entire pie up into single-serving pieces, keep two out for The Princess and me and then freeze the rest in individual containers.  Last night I wanted pie, so I dug into the freezer and pulled out a piece.  What a wonderful surprise to discover on opening the container that it contained a piece of strawberry-rhubarb pie from several months back.  Just 30 seconds in the microwave and the sweet smell of summer was right in front of me.  That’s probably my favorite pie, and to find that prodigal piece at this late date…mmmm….welcome home baby!

We’re in that thin slice of the calendar here in North Carolina when one can walk outside and not worry about either heat stroke or frostbite.  So The Princess and I were out walking yesterday afternoon, huffing and puffing up the big hill on our way up to take our pictures with the latest holiday “blow-up” at the apartment complex.  It was on our way back down the hill that we became aware of something going on in the trees just to our left.  The branches of the loblolly thrashed around and then amazingly, two squirrels locked together fell from the tree and hit the ground with a “thump.”  The impact with the ground separated them, and they ran off in opposite directions.  We were stunned, first that it had happened at all, then that they had survived the fall from a pretty significant height, and finally that we had gotten to witness it.  I’m sitting here right now just kind of thrilled that I lived long enough to see raining squirrels.  My life is complete.

Pony News
A number of things are being worked on.  First, I’m trying to get a decent finish on those new side panels, but I’m having trouble with the application.  I started with the inside of the panels, so at least I’m experimenting on the side that is less important.  Here’s a photo of one of the panels.

Version 2

Now, maybe it’s just me, but when I look at that I see a curvaceous female form. But I don’t know, it’s possible I just need to cut back on the testosterone a bit.

While I wait for coats of paint to dry, I’m dropping the two oil pans that lubricate the back axle.  I never did that during the initial restoration, I just siphoned out as much of the old gear oil/water as I could (which was not near everything) and added new gear oil.  By the way, siphoning ancient gear oil is not easy, but that was the only way to get the stuff out at the time, since the drain/filler plug is up the side of the pan, not on the bottom.  Never could understand that one.  Jeez, you should of smelled that years-old mixture in there…enough to make you want to hurl.  Here’s a photo of of one of the pans after removal.

Version 2

Note that lovely black gear oil in the drip bowl.  Yuck!  You’ll note too, that the gasket is torn up, but that was another reason for dropping the pans, so I could replace those.  This last shot is of the inside bottom of the pan after dumping out most of that oil.

Version 2

Man, I haven’t seen gold flakes like that in a pan since the trip I made years ago to look for gold up in the Sierra Mountains of California.(1)  Honestly, I didn’t see that many of them then either.  What you’re actually looking at, through the remaining oil in the pan, are flakes of of the steel gears that have ground off over the last 60 years.  I’m pretty sure though, that there’s enough steel left on those gears for another 60 years.

To wrap up, here are a couple of photos from that trip up the hill I mentioned earlier.

Version 2 Version 2

Happy Halloween everyone and thanks for reading.

(1) Those old posts (2011) on the hunt for gold in the Sierras can be found at the links that follow:  https://thatidiotictractor.com/2011/10/15/gold-part-one/ https://thatidiotictractor.com/2011/10/22/gold-part-2/


One response to “Lost and Found, Raining Squirrels and Sexy Tractor Parts

  1. Robert clemmons

    Happy Halloween to you Bruce and Family.
    I was wondering how you put oil in the units and how you drained it

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