The Curse

The Princess and I were at the mall a few days ago.  By the way if you haven’t eaten in the Nordstrom Bistro, try it.  My personal favorite, the steak frites, mmm!  While we at Nordstrom, The Princess helped me figure out why people there always looks so happy.  Well, the obvious reason is that they all have way too much money.  But the more subtle reason?  After she’d been to the “Ladies Lounge,” she commented that when she looked in the mirror in there she looked skinnier, and she said her teeth even looked whiter!  So that’s the secret, carnival mirrors in the “Ladies.”  As we left the store she also commented ominously how she thought the clothes really looked nice.  Crap, I’m not going to be able to keep her out of that place now.  By the way, they’re apparently not trying to flatter the men, because I noticed no such phenomenon in the “Mens.”

Some other Princess trouble.  In the category “Big Brother,” or maybe I should say, Big Sister, The Princess was trying to do something on my iPad yesterday and accidentally brought Siri up.  She muttered an expletive, and before she could move on Siri pops out with “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that,” just as sweet and “holier than thou” as she could be.  We were both kind of stunned and then broke out laughing.  So be careful around Siri, she hears all!

Hey, check this out.


That’s the left, rear axle, oil pan after dropping it, putting in a new gasket, refilling with gear oil and replacing the dust cover and sealing it with Ultra Black gasket sealer.  I stopped in at The Tractor Supply Store and bought all new bolts and lock washers too.(1)  Pretty snazzy.  After completing that side, I fired-up the Pony, took it for a spin around the neighborhood and backed it into Gene’s garage, so that I could work on the other axle.  I’ve got an issue though; after removing the lug nuts, the wheel won’t come off.  I think it’s because I used so much paint that the wheel is stuck to the hub with the paint.  Last time Gene and I were in this position, someone ended up on his back on the garage floor.  Stay tuned.

In other Pony news, remember back a few posts ago how I said I was having trouble getting the paint on the side panels to apply properly?  Well, after the third coat still came out “pimply,” I finally called the paint company, explained the problem, and they agreed to test the paint.  That test was supposed to take just a day or two, so after about two weeks of not hearing anything, I called Troy back at the paint company.  He said he was glad I called, because he had lost my phone number.  But, as it turns out he said, “There is an issue with the paint.”  So, they’re  going to see that I get 3 new cans of paint from a different lot, and I’ll be able to get back into the spray booth (Gene’s woods).  Problem is, after all this delay it’s going to be harder to find nice warm, calm days in the woods, and dodge the falling leaves.  I am mighty relieved, however, to find out that it was the paint, and that I’m not losing my finely honed painting skills!

Finally, here’s some partially Pony-related news.  Remember some time ago I commented how there were certain places where time seemed to stand still, and that one of those places was Gene’s garage?  He had a clock in there, no matter what you did, it would not keep time.  I decided to get us out of that “time warp” and ordered a “fancy schmancy,” neon clock that had the Massey Harris logo on its face.  It cost me 80 bucks, but I thought what the heck, it’ll be fun.  Here’s a picture I took of it.

new garage clock

Well, for about a year the new clock kept great time and the pretty neon was a neat night light for the garage.  But then, mysteriously, a few months back Gene and I noticed the clock had fallen prey to the “curse of the garage.”  I didn’t think of this before, but perhaps the curse has something to do with the clock being surrounded by pictures of Jaguars.  It would run, but then it would slow, then it would run again, but then it would stop.  I finally pulled the thing off the wall and examined it and found that its minute and hour hands were hitting as they went around.  On top of that, there was some nasty stuff oozing from the wall plug (Just like a Jaguar!).  Well poop!  I called the guy at (I’m not making this up) Tractor and complained.  He said that the clock was several months past its one-year warranty, but he wasn’t going to quibble and that if I sent it back, he’d fix it and send it back t0 me.  When it comes back we’ll see; can we once again break the curse?

I’ll let you know.  Thanks for reading.

(1)  Just a hint, if you need a bunch of nuts and bolts like I have many times during the Pony restoration, go to Tractor Supply.  They sell all their hardware by the pound, and it comes out way cheaper than at Home Depot or your local hardware.


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