Radiator Nights

Seems as if every time I go onto the WordPress website where I concoct these little ditties they’ve changed the format for composition.  I’m telling you, it’s a constant learning process.  I don’t know, is that a sort of “barometer” of life?  When the learning stops, it’s all downhill from there?  God help me!

Pony news first.  Gene and I got that other wheel off without injury to body or ego.  So both back axle pans are tightened-up and no longer leaking.  I also got the replacement paint and have applied one coat of “the good stuff” to both sides of the panels.  As I feared, it is getting harder to find warm days in the “paint booth,” but we’ll hope for a few more yet this year.

Speaking of weather, holy cow it’s been raining a lot.  How much?  I was out on the morning 40 one day recently and crossing a bridge over the Haw river where bird watchers like to congregate.  At that point on the river, it can at times be just rocks and a trickle of water, but that day the river was high and running strong.  There was a bird watcher on the bridge with a camera on a tripod and a lens (no exaggeration) over a foot long.  I stopped and asked the guy if he’d seen anything good that morning.  He said there hadn’t been much in the way of birds, but he had seen a “six point buck” that had been swept into the river floating along in the current until he finally got a purchase on the bank and clambered out.  And in spite of the 70+ degree temperature that day, winter does loom.

Radiator Nights

Frosty mornings
With blades of white grass.
No tarps on favorites anymore.
Now shorter days bring early lights
In windows as I walk.

We’ll find that old bottle
Of twelve-year old scotch
Then touch glasses and toast
To these radiator nights.(1)

Winter snows
Slide across up north,
And we breathe easier, but fret
Over just the wrong little dip
in the jet stream.

Move in close to the fire
And even closer to me.
Eyes glaze and we doze,
Ahhh…radiator nights.

North winds
Take breaths and sting cheeks
Then pass easily through leafless trees
And the places I missed
With the weather stripping.

Let’s turn up the heat,
Dig out heavy blankets,
and snuggle-up
For these radiator nights.

Radiator Nights

Radiator Nights

And can you feel it?  With Thanksgiving less than a week away, the days have taken on a kind of sluggish feel.  Things seem a little less urgent, just exhale and go…ahhhhh.  First I told the Princess I’d go out to Gene’s and put another coat of paint on those side panels…didn’t do it.  Then I said maybe I’d stain that plant stand out on the deck…course I didn’t do that either.  Instead I fell asleep in my chair.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thanks for reading!

(1)  Credit goes to Andy for the title and photo of his cats.


One response to “Radiator Nights

  1. Cat-inspired poetry – I love it!

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