Rigged Election in North Carolina?

The Princess and I were so excited to get out and vote, you know, actually do something about this election, and at least get our part of it over with, that we showed up at Carrboro Town Hall on the first day of early voting.  Being the first day, there was quite a crowd, with the line actually snaking out the front door and into the parking lot.  We didn’t mind the long line, but I was somewhat taken aback when I noticed a few spots ahead of us in line, a rather large dog.  I thought “ok,” maybe Trump is on to something when he whines about voter fraud.  It could really happen here too, because the courts struck down our voter I.D. law.  I rested a bit easier when I saw the dog lift his leg to pee…and noticed it was his right leg, so certainly one of Trump’s voters.  Half an hour later though, as we were walking back to the car I saw the same dog walk to the right of a street lamp and lift his left leg.  Hmmm, I’ll bet he’s independent, but regardless, we gotta tighten up the voting process!

Enough silliness, I mean it, enough!  Let’s talk about the Pony.  Two things occurred recently that caused me to finally take some action and replace the Pony’s radiator.  First, the Pony had a rather serious overheating episode, leaking during operation and even ruining some paint.  Second, Cousin Bill declared that any future expenditures would not be charged against the Cost-O-Meter (it’s closed), but would be considered maintenance.  So I jumped in and spent the $300 for a new (Chinese) radiator.  Yeah, the parenthetical part there bothers me, but really, that’s the only option for a replacement.  Here’s a photo.


Chinese Radiator

It’s far from perfect, paint drips here and there, and a bit of rust too, but we won’t know the most important thing, does it leak? until later.  But I’m going to miss the pretty little brass plaque on the old radiator that said, “Made in Toronto, Canada.”

There are two brackets that attach to the radiator’s sides that allow it to be fastened down to the tractor and provide a surface for the grill to be attached.  Removing those brackets from the old radiator  was not easy, actually had to go out to Gene’s and get his help.  But finally, between the two of us, we were able to remove them.  I then did a “Boehmke” on them, you know, “the full deal,” that’s sanding, priming, painting and waxing.  Since I’ve been working out of my own garage, I did the painting down in the trees where the “chiggers” have gotten me in the past.  Those pesky buggers must have gotten tired of waiting for me, because they weren’t there this time.  Thank God!  Here’s a shot of those radiator brackets after the final coat of paint.


I then went to the hardware store and picked-up some new nuts and bolts, since I had to hacksaw thru one of the old boltsI then headed off to the hardware store for some new, well, hardware.  So, the next two shots show the new radiator with brackets attached, sitting on the tractor for a “test fit.”

Later, yesterday actually, I put sealer on the radiator hoses, screwed down the hose clamps and attached the the radiator brackets to the tractor.  So far, so good!  Don’t forget, if you want to see a larger version of either photo, just click on it.

Finally, I wanted to share a couple of truly frightening images with you.  Monday and Wednesday mornings I do some volunteer work, using the term, work, loosely.  On Halloween some of the staff and volunteers like to dress appropriately, OK, inappropriately really.  Lucky for you folks, today is Halloween, so I thought I’d share a couple of photos of yours truly in costume.  WARNING:  The images you are about to view could be upsetting…drink a beer first!  And I wouldn’t click on these if I were you.

Happy Halloween, and thanks for reading.


3 responses to “Rigged Election in North Carolina?

  1. Bill Vollenweider

    Holy crap….that witch really is ugly and…scary.

  2. take the original portion of the plack and have someone solder it to the new radiator

  3. OR, epoxy it on instad of solder

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