The Chump is Stumped!

Sorry, that headline truly belongs to the “Car Talk” guys, but your Idiotic Author is stumped, and this is a cry for help.

To bring you up to speed, the radiator installation was successful.  I rolled the Pony out into the drive, fired it up and it ran (without leaking anywhere) for 20 minutes.  The engine then stalled, and I have not been able to get it started since.

The engine will go brrumm, but not stay running.  As one of my experts has said, it sounds like it’s “starving for gas.”  I felt that way too, so I took the carb apart, blew air through all the jets, checked that the float was set to spec, and put it back together.  Also cleaned out the sediment bowl and blew air through the fuel line.  These steps had absolutely zero positive result on the engine starting.

I’ve taken a short YouTube video demonstrating the problem, so that you can see and hear what it does when I hit the starter.  Here’s that video:

Engine start demo

I’m truly bummed and want desperately to get the old Pony going again before son, Andy, arrives for his Christmas visit.  Please comment to the blog with any suggestions.  The person or persons that come(s) up with the solution will be declared official “Horse Whisperer” to the blog and receive a jar of my home-made strawberry jam.

As I thank you in advance for your help, I am also reminded that Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you all are appropriate.  So, from the Pony, Cyndy and me to all of you,



4 responses to “The Chump is Stumped!

  1. My scientific wild ass guess! What seems odd to me is that the first couple of starting tries, the starter stops cranking the engine. Might be that it actually does get a cylinder to “kick in” for a micro second and disengages the starter from the flywheel. What I’d like you to do is see if the starter will keep cranking if you disconnect the coil. If it keeps cranking just fine, then I believe it’s an electrical issue.

  2. Bill Vollenweider

    A couple of things I would check. Is the fuel filter seated and secure. It sounds like it is sucking air. In conjunction with that, are all of the gas lines secure and without holes. Could the choke be stuck and it is flooding out. Have you pulled any of the spark plugs to see if they are all wet? Could it have gotten out of time?

  3. Hi Bruce , I have just finished reading all your posts and I am working on 4 Pony’s at this time. I had one that acted that way and I finally drained the gas out of the tank and gas line and carb. Went to the store and bought fresh new gas and with a couple of turns with the choke half out, way it went , good luck ,bye for now RJV./

    • Robert, that’s amazing! First that you’ve read all those posts and second that you’re restoring 4 Ponies. I wouldn’t even know where to find 4 Ponies. Thanks for reading and for writing in. As you’ve probably seen by now, the answer in the end was really quite simple, the condenser, but then for me nothing is ever simple.

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