On this page you’ll find links to sites that the author has found helpful in his restoration project, or simply feels you will enjoy.

Kuhn’s Equipment Repair
Click on the above link to find out more about Kuhn’s.  But if you really want personal service, call them (607-843-8440, or toll free 888-839-5778) and talk to Maggie, who’s in charge of parts and research.  There are way more things she can get for you than are listed on Kuhn’s site, and they can often find them at prices that will help keep your “cost-0-meter” down.

The Classical, also known as WCPE.  Broadcasts all classical music, soothing to the Pony, and available 24/7.  Check them out on your computer from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!  Truly, this is a wonderful little station and fully deserves being only the second link ever listed by